Gesher Global Trading provides to its customers a bundle of services for global procurement. Using smart solutions, we will assist you to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.

We know the challenge that organizational procurement managers are facing, and thanks to our broad experience and familiarity with the relevant regulations in various countries across the globe, we can provide you with tools that will help you face these challenges successfully, and reach your goals quickly at attractive prices.

Our knowledge reduces your costs

Today, more than ever, cost reduction is a primary goal, especially among importers and exporters, as a vital means to increase profits. However, to reduce global procurement costs, one should be highly familiar with the business environment in the original country the goods are imported from, as well as the procurement, import, shipping, customs and transportation.  

In addition, locating the right supplier is not an easy task and requires preliminary acquaintance and ample skill in this field.
More and more companies realize that it's not always worthwhile to have an internal department that handles procurement matters. It increases expenses and keeps the company away from its main field of expertise. The modern solution for this problem is to outsource global procurement matters. This allows the organization to focus on its specialized core activities without spending time and money on activities that require extensive study and training.

We at Gesher Global Trading are highly aware to these factors and offer you all the services required to complete the process successfully – starting from finding reliable supplier, through pricing, product characterization and payment method, as well as meeting the terms of international trade agreements, and safe and economic transportation and shipping.